Silence Yourself

listen-to-godSilence yourself and every other voice that is vying for your attention, and come quietly into My presence so that you can hear My still, small voice that is speaking to you. Lose yourself in My presence and find Me. I Am speaking. I Am wooing you and drawing you to Myself. Come closer to Me. I want you to enjoy sweet fellowship and intimacy with Me, says the Lord. Let Me embrace you and whisper into your ear as you listen to My heart beat. Let Me lavish My love upon you and affirm you as My beloved, says the Lord.

My love for you is unconditional,, unimpeachable and never changing. You are always in My heart and My thoughts toward you are good. I Am your caregiver and want you to trust in Me at all times. I Am faithful and true to you. I will never abandon you, and I will always hear your faintest cry. You are a treasure to Me. My grace for you is abundant, and you will always have your needs met as you entrust Me with your life. I Am your place of refuge from the storms of life. You are always secure in Me. I will defend you, save you from your enemies, and rescue you from all trouble. Rest in Me and know that you in the safety of My arms, says the Lord.

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