Silver and the Gold


The silver and the gold belong to Me, says the LORD. ALL OF IT! I created it, and it is Mine. I know where it is and I know exactly where you are. I know what you need even before you ask. I Am the source of all good things and there is NO treasure that exists that I did not create, and I will furnish and provision those who are a peculiar pleasure and treasure onto Me. I will prepare a place for you. For I Am not oblivious of your need. I see you. I hear you. I know you! I love you. You are My sheep, and I Am your caregiver. I Am your provider. I own it all and your need is within My control and ability to meet, says the LORD.

I own the cattle on a thousand hills. I own the hills. I own the earth! I create and I AM the giver, says the Lord. I control what I own, and I have not finished working and creating and releasing things to you for your discovery. I will not exempt those who cry out to Me from receiving from Me, says the Lord, for all who call upon My name will be healed, delivered, placed in the shelter of My protection and have My constant care. I will not extract from one to give to another, for I created everything in the first place and I have an endless supply that is more than enough to meet your need at all times. I will pour out My uncontainable blessings upon you as you entrust Me with all of your life and let Me be your total source at all times, for it is My pleasure to supply all of your need as you Make Me the Lord of all of your life, says the LORD.

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