Stand Firm

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Stand firm, says the LORD. Stand straight and tall! Stand unafraid! Stand in determined faith and trust in Me. Stand fast and hold fast to what you know to be true. For I Am the Way, the truth and the life. I Am unchanging with the times that change. I Am fixed and solid and I want you to remain fixed and solid in Me. Be determined! Set your feet and let your face look straight forward. For I Am covering your back. Let My roar come out of you that will intimidate the roar of the enemy. For you have the superior weapons and fire power, says the LORD. Use what you have, boldly and without hesitation, for I have equipped you to be bold and relentless in your warfare against the dark one, says the LORD.

I Am with you always, says the LORD. I will never betray you, deny you or doubt you. You will never face the enemy alone. Regardless of the number of enemies against you, I call you undefeatable in Me. I cannot lose the battle, so you cannot be defeated. I cannot be pushed back, so you cannot be shoved backwards! I cannot be threatened, so do not let the enemy intimidate you. Fearless and bold is what I have made you to be. You are not outnumbered, overpowered, or out-smarted, for I Am the all-wise, Almighty God in the midst of you, that will make you a winner, a mighty conqueror and an overcomer in Me. You will stand, undefeatable in Me, and wear the victor’s crown, says the LORD.

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