Stand Still and See My Salvation


Stand still and see My salvation, says the Lord, for you are not stuck. You are not in the wrong place doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, but exactly where I have positioned you to be. You will stand before you walk and you will walk before you run and you will run before you fly on eagle’s wings, says the LORD. Stop fretting about the times and seasons that are in My hands. For I know exactly where you are and the enemy does not have you trapped as he thinks. I Know the cry of your heart and have heard your prayers. I will not abandon you nor My purpose for you nor My plan for you Nor My times that I have prescribed for your life that will not be negotiable says the LORD. I will set the pace and set you in the place that I prepare for you, ON TIME and prepared for every good work. Did you not understand? Did you not know that I created time? Did you not understand that nothing gets past My attention, I ask?

Did you not comprehend that when I said I will be your GOOD SHEPHERD, that I will take care of you and provide for you and furnish you onto every good work that I have for you to accomplish. I will not be mocked, says the LORD. I will finish the GOOD work that I have begun in you and perfect that which concerns you, for I do not abandon My work, I do not nullify My WORD, and I cannot undo My PROMISES to you. TRUST ME. You have no other viable option. TRUST me at all times. For I Am with you always and you are never out of sight and My plans and purposes will be fulfilled in you and through you, says the LORD. I have begun the good work in you and I will finish it. I always finish what I have started and you will not be the finisher; I AM. You are complete in Me, and you will NOT be an incomplete. What I have seeded in you will grow, develop, blossom and bear fruit that remains, for I will perform it for the honor and glory of MY GREAT NAME, says the LORD!

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