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Stress free and care free is what I desire for you regardless of what is going on around you, says the Lord. Do not allow the storms of life to invade you and impact you. Do not let external conflict become internal, says the Lord. Still yourself first before you can stand against the storms and declare as I command, “Peace! Be still! For I Am your abiding peace, and I have made you in MY image to do the Works that I have done, and greater works than these, says the Lord. Be still. Be still. Be still! Be filled With My Spirit of peace so that you become peace. Be filled and flow in peace and become a peace maker, says the Lord.

I Am calling you into quietness and confidence in Me. Hush. Stop crying. Stop fretting. Stop complaining about the storms and the conflicts. I have called you to speak to the storms, not to add to them. I have called you to make a difference and have an impact on people, places and things. To be the world changer I have called you to be, you must be transformed into My image and be different in order to make a difference, says the Lord. You cannot give what you do not own and possess. Be peace as I Am and walk in peace. Abide in Me and My perpetual peace that surpasses all understanding. Be baptized in My Spirit of peace and flow in it. For you are what you think, and you will go in tbe direction that your dominate thoughts direct. As light penetrates darkness and love covers a multitude if sin, My peace will arise in you, be emited from you and enforce My government of peace irregardless of the magnitude of the storms, says the Lord.

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