The All-wise Counselor


I Am the all-wise Counselor, says the LORD. You can come to Me with every need, and know that I will answer you. I have the solution for you. You say you are complicated. I say you are uncomplicated. You say it is impossible. I say that nothing is impossible for Me. You say it is too late. I say it is never too late. I AM not subject to time; it is subject to Me, because I created time. Your times are in My hands. Your life is hid in ME. I have absorbed it in ME. I created you, and I can heal you. I designed all your parts and Know exactly what is needed. I Am your HEALER. It is NOT difficult and it is not out of My control. I Am always present to heal, says the LORD. You do not have to call on Me to come down or scream to get My attention, for I Am not hard of hearing and I Am with you always.

It is My desire to heal you. It is My will to furnish a table for you that completely satisfies your need and gives you the longing of your heart. I Am on task, on time and on target, says the LORD. I never miss and Am never tardy or distracted or too busy for you. Let faith in Me and My infallible Word be your first response, your final resolution and your only remedy. For I will honor My Word and I will honor those who recognize Me as the A and Z of their existence. I will work My Word and WORK in your life in accordance to your faith that is fixed upon Me, says the LORD, and you will know that I AM GOD in the midst of you.

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