The Earth Belongs to Me


The earth and all of its fullness belongs to ME, says the LORD. That has never changed. I created it. I own it. I control it. Though it seems like everything is spinning out of control, it has never been out of MY control, says the LORD. It is not out of My influence. It is never exempt from MY COMMAND. My knowledge fills the earth now, though you may not feel it. My light still shines upon the earth and will prevail over darkness that can be felt. My light cannot be extinguished by darkness and it is more powerful than the darkest regions, says the LORD.

Though there is a whirlwind of satanic activity and conflict around you, I AM not moved by it. Adversity is not a threat to ME or MY eternal, infallible KINGDOM. I win. I Am the Sovereign. I cannot be defeated. I cannot be overrun. I have already defeated the enemy and he cannot overpower ME. I have declared that the earth belongs to ME. I will set up My kingdom and rule with a rod of iron. You did not enlist in a losing army that cannot win the battle and the war! You are not a victim of circumstances. If I alone stood with you, it would be more than enough. But I have released My warrior angels to fight with for you and for you. There are more with you than against you. Open up your eyes and see that the enemy is outnumbered, out smarted and cannot possess what I OWN. I not only purchased you, but I own the cattle on a thousand hills. The hills belong to Me, and the earth is mine. I own the silver and the gold. I know where it is. My servants are not impoverished and they are not unfed. I will take care of MY OWN, and you are My beloved that cannot be destroyed by a destroyer that I have openly rebuked for your sake, says the LORD.

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