Times of Refreshing


The times of refreshing will come to you as you turn to Me with all of your heart and pursue Me with all of yourself, says the LORD. Turn around. Look intently upon ME, for I want your full attention. Do not look to the world for fulfillment, for you will never find it there. I Am longing for you and calling you into My presence, says the LORD. I desire intimacy and fellowship with you. Do not busy yourself in the things of earth, but be busy about MY BUSINESS, says the LORD. I will refresh you, revive you and fill you with My Spirit until you are fat and full of My blessings, says the LORD.

You have become weary in the pursuit of happiness. You have exhausted yourself in your longing for fulfillment. Your goals have not been met and you have been frustrated by the lack of success that you have experienced. You have been dissatisfied with the results of your labors. COME to Me and rest, says the LORD. It is not about your labor or ability or what you can do, should do, have done or will do. Change direction and let ME be your highest pursuit and highest heart’s desire. I will refresh you and cause your heart to leap for joy as you lose yourself in Me. Then you will find good success and you will walk in a fresh anointing, a fresh power and the fresh winds of My Spirit will propel you and you will soar on eagle’s wings as I carry you from grace to grace and glory to glory and fulfill you, complete you and empower you and give you good success in Me by My Spirit and Life in you, says the LORD.

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