Turn Your Attention Aside

Am I Trusting God

Am I Trusting God

Turn your attention aside from the things of this earth that are vying for your attention and focus on the eternal things of My presence and glory, says the LORD. For you need not be distracted and encumbered with many cares. The cares of this life will always exist, and I desire you to be care-free and liberated from coming under bondage to any of them. They are not the authority and they are NOT your god, to command and demand and lord it over you. I Am the LORD. I AM your GOD. Do not let your circumstances rule you. Do not waste your energy on things that cannot last and change like the weather. For I Am the everlasting GOD, and My kingdom is without end. As you seek My kingdom and righteousness, I will take care of the lesser for you. I will give you what you need, always. Let Me be your greatest heart’s desire and your fervent pursuit. Seek Me with all your heart and give Me your all in exchange for MY ALL. For I Am your all in all, and you will have given me nothing of value in comparison to what I have laid up in store for You. ONLY TRUST ME, says the LORD.

Value what I value, says the LORD. Be as I Am! Do as I do. You cannot trump that! For I have given you abundant life and abundant joy and abundant peace that cannot be extracted from you. I have given you things that cannot be purchased at any price. They are infallible and priceless and eternal. I will give you excellent things that are wholesome and supply all that you need. Reposition yourself and stand in Me, for what is eternal will invade time. What is powerful from Me will empower you. What is perfect will complete you and what I give is always good. I will bless you beyond your imagination as you give Me your attention and let Me be your choice. I will take care of everything that you entrust to Me, and I will also take compete care of you, says the LORD.

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June Reinke

Prophet Dr. June Reinke has been the Senior pastor of Prophetic Light International,Bible School and Christian Ministries, Inc. in Dade City, Florida for over 29 years.She has been a revivalist, author and has operated in the prophetic gift, including Word of Knowledge for decades.She has experienced prophetic dreams, visions for many years. Healing, deliverance and creative miracles are among the manifestations of the Spirit that have occurred in her ministry.She is also a graduate of Tyndale Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas, and earned her MA degree in counseling From Central Michigan University.The physical church, situated at 36134 Clinton Avenue, Dade City, Florida,is called Prophetic Light Gathering Place.It is not a conventional church.but led by the Holy Spirit.She does on spot ministry, prophecy, and impartation, as the Holy Spirit and Gifts of the Spirit are in operation in the meetings.Her desire is that everyone who attends has a genuine encounter with the LORD, and be forever changed.

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32 Responses to Turn Your Attention Aside

  1. I like this teaching sister. It is all about Heaven. God bless you for feeding the Bride of Christ with Truth . A man of God put it simply this way:

    “Live everyday with eternity’s values in view.” Leonard Ravenhill

  2. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for caring for me and mine in spite of all we lack. Amen

  3. Amen and Amen!!!🙏🏽❤️❤️❤️

  4. Amen! Thank you Abbah father.

  5. Amen.great word we thank God.

  6. Trust in God has to be our daily walk thank you Jesus

  7. Amen!! Thank you Father God.

  8. Amazing something very similar at church yesterday god is on the move he’s getting us ready for more than the rapture x

  9. Glory to the Kings of Kings and the Lord of LORDS keep me strong JESUS walking the path you have for me in Jesus name Amen

  10. Thank You Abba for once again speaking so directly to what I am going through <3 Please forgive me for getting so focused on my circumstances instead of keeping my eyes on you. I put my trust and focus on You. In Jesus Name Amen.

  11. amen amen amen amen amen amen amen amen amen amen amen amen amen amina

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