My Voice Shall Be Heard

My voice shall be heard, says the LORD. It is the voice of many waters and it will resound throughout the earth that I created for My purpose, My pleasure and My glory. I Will speak! My knowledge shall fill the earth. For I will not be silenced. I will not keep quiet! I will not be kept secret, for I will expose Myself. I will awaken that which is asleep. I will arouse that which has fainted. I will resurrect that which has been dead. For I will revive, I will restore, I will rebuild, says the LORD.

My church shall rise up and be glorious. I will restore righteousness, says the LORD. I will beautify My church with holiness and I will sanctify My bride and deck her out with splendor. My light shall be brighter in her and My glory shall be seen in the midst of My people, My called out ones. I will empower My church to do the greater works that I have proclaimed would be done, and My Spirit will radiate from My church, My bride, My beloved, and I will do great signs and wonders and miracles and healings in the Midst of My people, My glorious ones, and many shall come into My kingdom that will be evident throughout the nations and the world, says the LORD.

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