When You Seek Me


When you seek Me, you have sought a good thing, says the LORD. When you have entrusted your life and destiny to ME, you have made a good decision. I will lead you and guide you all the days of your life as you keep trusting in Me. Keep believing in Me. Keep pursuing ME. I will not only be found of you, but you will discover your life’s purpose. Your full destiny in Me is written and mapped out. I will prepare each new step for you. Your times are in My hands and your destiny is good. I have need of you. I created you for MY GLORY and MY PLEASURE and MY PURPOSE. IT IS ALWAYS GOOD, for I AM good and I only have good thoughts and plans and purposes or you, says the LORD.

I Am Your builder and maker, and I only make good things. I Am good for MY WORD, which is always good, always true, always righteous, always pure, always lovely, always perfect and always fulfilled. I will finish the work that I have begun in you, for I AM GOD, and I will not forsake MY WORK. What I have begun in you, I WILL COMPLETE. I will provision you. You will not be an incomplete, for I have NO unfinished business, ever. I will bring you into your full destiny, on time and you will not be left in the dark. I will lead you, one step at a time and give you joy for the journey as you take My hand and let Me do the leading, set the pace and bring you into the fullness that will give you not only joy, but peace in this progressive process that is not only unveiling, but I will unveil you, says the LORD.

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