Gods Blessings

I Will Command My Blessings

I will command my blessings upon you, says the LORD and they will not have corresponding sorrow attached. They will enrich you and elevate you as you ascend into My presence in the secret place. This is where I am calling you. This is where I will meet with you. This is where you will find Me, says the LORD, for I have not gone anywhere. I Am here. Come closer to Me and abandon the burdens, forsake the illegitimate voices that are vying for your attention and let Me give you rest. Let Me download new things into you that will astound you, says the LORD. For I have no stale bread on the table, but fresh bread in My presence for you. Come and dine, for I desire you and long for you. I Am calling you to draw near to Me and let me establish you in MY presence. Let Me fill you with My glory. Let Me teach you new things and give you renewed strength. You will mount up on wings of eagles in newness of vitality as you forsake the things that are weighing you down and let Me lift you into the realm of My glory.

The time you spend with Me in the secret place will be time spent well, say the LORD. For what you receive from Me will not be taken away from you, and you will be prepared for the next season that is ahead. For when I said that I will make all things new, you were not bypassed or exempt. I will not only make all things new for you, but I will make you new. You will move in the realm of My presence and My presence will be in you, exude from you and fill your environs. Do not say that it is past the point of possibility and you missed it, for I Am not finished with you yet, and you will accomplish the things that I created you for, and you will fulfill purpose that I have for you under the sun. For I have not changed My mind, my purpose or My plan and your circumstances are not your GOD. You will walk into your full purpose, and be used for My glory, and I will bless you and you will be a blessing to many, says the LORD.

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