I Will Establish My Kingdom

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I will establish My kingdom and set My seal upon you, says the LORD. I call you tamper proof. I will not allow the enemy to invade you or encroach your territory, for My angelic host encamps around about you. I Am your defense. You are safe and secure in Me, says the LORD. Do not focus on the enemy. Focus on ME. Do not listen to His threats and negative words and accusations against you. LISTEN to MY voice. I Am for you and not against you. I Am with you and will fight for you. You do not have to fear, for I have never lost anything and I will keep you from falling or failing, says the LORD.

Look up. See My face! See through the eyes of faith and know the unlimited and supernatural power that is in ME! I have nothing that can conquer Me and I call you not only to prevail against every enemy attack, but to conquer them and overcome them and overwhelm them and defeat them and be on the offensive. You are not a coward, but a champion! I have empowered you with My Spirit to tear down strongholds, remove mountains, cut off the had of the python, trample on devils and demons and to utterly defeat the their works by My infallible weapons that I have equipped you with. It is not a time to slumber and sleep. Awake and rise up in boldness and fearlessly stand in unwavering faith in Me, who is your ever present help in times of trouble, on your side and unmatched. With Me you cannot fail, ever, says the LORD. Let your mind be fixed on Me and know that there is no force that can defeat you, for I have given you the sword of My SPIRIT and there is Nothing to fear, says the LORD.

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