I Will Not Disappoint You


I will not disappoint you, says the LORD, for I will give you the desire of your heart as you SEEK Me first and foremost. Let My will become yours. Let My heart become yours. Let My higher ways and thoughts become yours! For I only have the best for you. Do not compromise yourself and do not lower yourself to accept the least that is available for you. I have more for you. I want more for you than you have imagined. Get a new perspective of WHO I AM in you, the greater One with the greater glory and the greater vision than you have had. See Me as ONE who LOVES you and has given My life for you. See Me as the HIGHEST! I have the best for you and you will never need to just barely make it through, but be a mighty conquer and overcomer in Me, says the LORD.

My blessings will enrich you in every area and aspect of your life, and I add no sorrow to them. I will bless you in your finances so that you will have MORE THAN ENOUGH! I will bless you to be a blessing to others. STEWARD what I bless you with and give as I give to you, faithfully and continually. My blessings will flow as you give cheerfully. Remember that the widow of old gave My prophet Elijah a little cake first. I sustained her and her son throughout the long famine because she obeyed and gave out of her need for My kingdom purpose.
You will continue to receive in proportion to giving, says the LORD. I will enrich you and your life proportionately as you are enriched in your Spirit. First let My kingdom and My righteousness be your pursuit and everything will follow suit. I will cause you to flourish in the natural as you make My presence your priority. You will not lack any good thing as you purpose to pursue Me and My kingdom and My righteousness, and then all things will be added to you that will go above what you have asked, thought or imagined, says the LORD.

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