I Will Open Doors


I will open doors for you that no other power can shut. I will do the impossible so that you will recognize it is I who has affected it, I Who has authored it and I who has caused it, says tbe Lord.I will do a glorious work on the earth and use you to fulfill My kingdom purpose as you suit up in Me. I will equip you to man your battle station and war a good warfare in Me, says the Lord. You will not be overrun by the enemy, but you will push him back and defeat his diabolical works every time, says the Lord.

Be alert. Remain vigilant. Never cower. The threats of the enemy are a mere smoke screen, and he cannot carry them out. I have equipped you to overcome by My Spirit in you. I will strengthen you, help you and uphold you with My own right hand and cause you to conquer new territory for My kingdom as you push back the enemy forces and possess the Land, says the Lord.

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