Wisdom Comes from Me


Wisdom comes from Me, says the LORD. I Am the all-wise GOD and I will give you wisdom freely if you ask Me for it in unwavering faith. For My wisdom is superior than what the wisest man can offer. By My wisdom I formed the universe. I created all things that exist. I created you, and nothing is difficult for ME. Nothing puzzles Me and I have no difficulties. I know the way out of every maize and will make a way of escape for you out of every trial that you are facing as you look to Me for counsel and solutions. I will astound you with new ideas and ways that I give you as you rely on My counsel and open up yourself to My higher thoughts and ways, says the LORD.

I will show you the way. I will give you the plan. I will never lead you astray or show you a mere possibility. I Am not looking for a solution for you that has potential, but will show you what will work as you hear and obey Me. My wisdom always works, and I never need to develop a new strategy or go back to the drawing board to find another way. Plan A is the only plan, and it is always right, says the LORD. You can depend upon My help. You can trust My counsel. You can expect that what I tell you is truth and it will bear fruit, says the LORD. Will you come to Me for wisdom and understanding even as SOLOMON of old did? He came as a dependent child and asked Me for wisdom. I Am no respecter of persons, and as you ask Me for Wisdom, and wait on Me, and put your trust in Me and MY faithfulness to you, you will have wisdom that only comes from Me, not only for yourself, but for many who will come and sit at your feet to hear My Word flowing out of your mouth, and many will discover that MY Word will not fall to the ground, but will accomplish what I send it forth to do, says the LORD.

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