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You Are Making Progress

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You are making progress, says the LORD, and I Am setting things in order for you. I am clearing the way for you in the path that I have created for you to follow. I have enlightened the way for you and removed the obstacles so that you will not stumble or fall. I have taken you by the hand and caused you to be steady with each step that you take. For I will hold you up and keep you from falling or failing. I cannot fail and I will not fail you. I cannot ever leave you or allow you to struggle through by yourself. I Am with you to support you and help you and to bring you good success, says the LORD.

I have given you many gifts and abilities that you will discover as you keep walking in the steps that I order for you. I will add to you new wisdom and knowledge and understanding as you continue to trust in Me. You will not be a failure to thrive and you will not be underdeveloped. I will perfect that which concerns you and all that I do is GOOD! I Am GOOD for My WORD that will work effectively for you, and I Am good for what I will make you to be. I do nothing without a purpose and a plan and a time and season. You will fit into My plan that is ascribed for your life and be fully furnished for every good work that I have called you to do. I will not only equip you, but I will provision you. What you need will not elude you, for I will not have you lacking or imbalanced. Trust Me now and ever, says the LORD, your creator. Trust in My judgment and know that you are My beloved. I do not have to guess what you are thinking or feeing or desiring, for I know the thoughts that you think and the feelings that you have and the needs that you have and the necessary things that your future requires. I have it, says the LORD, and I will lead you gently forward and bring you into your personal promised land, on time and fully prepared to possess what I will give you, says the LORD.

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