You Are the Victor

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The battle has already been won, says the LORD. I have already declared that you are the victor. I always cause you to triumph in ME. Always means just what I said. ALWAYS! I call you the undefeatable one in Me, says the LORD, for I Am with you to insure that the enemy doesn’t have a chance to violate you, destroy you or defeat you. His weapons are not stronger than what I have equipped you with. He is the loser and victory after victory after victory is yours, says the LORD.

Never give into the treats of the evil one who roars against you and endeavors to intimidate you. Stand against him, unafraid and don’t back down. He cannot carry out his threats as you face him head on, fully clad in My armor. He cannot steal from you, kill or destroy you or what I have given you. He has no power to destroy your destiny or purpose that I have authored for you. He cannot delay it either, says the LORD. Get in his face and invade his territory as a ready warrior to push him back, destroy his works, and diminish his kingdom, for surely you will bring back much spoil and put him on display as being the conquered one, says the LORD.

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