You Have Life in Me


You will not be a failure to thrive, says the Lord. For you have life in Me. You have renewable vitality and strength in Me. You are growing and changing as I feed you and quicken you by My Spirit. You are not an abortion and I will not abort My purposes for you either. They will all be fulfilled as I have planned. I have not forsaken the good Work that I have begun in you or changed My mind. I did not give you choices of door A, B or C, but I Am the Door, the only Door and the only Way. There is no need for a do-over or make-over when it pertains to what I do, for I get it right the first time, says the Lord.

You are never on your own, says the LORD. I will not grow you up to abandon you as a mature work, but I will partner with you as you continue to come to be as a dependent child. You will never out-grow Me or get to the point where you are independent of Me. For as you grow and develop, you will come nearer to Me, and learn to depend upon Me more, not less. You will forfeit what you know and understand as you lean on MY infinite understanding, and acknowledge Me as your Lord. You will not let go of My hand that holds you up and keeps you steady. For as you mature in Me, you will become like Me. and My perfect will shall become your greatest heart’s desire as you entrust Me with everything and everyone in our life and realize that you are nothing without Me, but can do all things through Me as I strengthen you and enable you, says the LORD.

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