You Shall Overcome


You shall overcome, says the LORD. You shall have the victory and stand in the winner’s circle with the trophy in your hands. I will see to it, for I Am with you and the One who has been called alongside to help you. I will give you good success as you shift your attention onto Me and receive of My wisdom and counsel. I will give you the plan. I will show you the purpose. I will clear the way for you, for I Am the Way maker. You will not be overlooked and you will not be lost in the shuffle. I know where you are, and I will use you for My glory, for you are situated where you are purposely, for such a time as this, says the LORD.

You are valuable for Me and My kingdom, says the LORD. I Am not finished with you yet. You are not done. I have much more for you to accomplish and what I do with you will exceed what you have envisioned. I have only given you a vague vision, but the greater clarity is coming. It will unfold, says the LORD. It is beyond what you have heard, above what you could imagine, and exceeds your expectations. Trust that your destiny is not postponed, forgotten or unimportant. I will use you for MY glory and you will not even consider the past in light of the glory to come, says the LORD.

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