Your Continual Source

I Am your continual source, says the LORD. I never cease to supply, and I Am unlimited. I have an endless supply that can never be depleted or diminished. I Am everything that you need, and I will supply your need as you fully trust in Me at all times. I will not disappoint you or deny you of anything that is good. My blessings are for you always and assessable to you, for I Am no respecter of persons. Those who come to Me, I receive. Those who trust in Me will never go away from My presence empty handed or empty hearted. I will fill you with My Spirit and grant you the desires of your heart. You have ME, and I AM your all in all I did not create you to abandon you or allow you to struggle on your own as I merely observe. I AM active as your healer, deliverer, provider, Savior and source, says the LORD.

Is there anything too hard for Me? I created all things that you see and do not see. I Am all-knowing. Did you judge Me as being unaware of your need? Never, says the LORD. Did you think that I do not understand you or what you are going through? Did you forget that My mercy endures forever? I Am unfailing and My compassions are renewable daily, My grace for you is constant and I remain faithful and unfailing in your life. My love is a constant. You do not have to beg for My presence and My unimpeachable love. I give you forgiveness of all your sin merely for the asking, not the begging. RECEIVE IT NOW, says the Lord and stop thinking that you have to keep asking for what I have already granted. What I have cleansed, let no one all unclean, and I have cleansed you by My own blood and blotted out all your sins because you asked. Believe it is done I have forgotten every sin, but I have NOT forgotten you. Trust that I Am with you always and your constant source. I have everything that you need on the table that is spread out for you in My presence. Come and sup with Me and receive an abundant supply, says the LORD

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