Your Dwelling Place


I Am your dwelling place, says the Lord. Yes, you are safe and secure in Me. My goodness and mercy belongs to you all the days of your earthly sojourn, and you are unshakable in Me. You are immovable in Me. I Am that foundation that does not shift or sink. You can stand upon Me without fear of failure or falling. I Am the one who keeps you from falling as I hold you up. Your dwelling place in Me cannot be invaded by the enemy. He is on the outside and can kick and scream, threaten and carry on all he wants, but he cannot touch you. I have anointed you with My Spirit and say to the evil one, “Touch Not Mine anointed and do My prophets no harm.” I have made you My anointed one by My Spirit that rests upon you and resides within you. You also abide in My Spirit, and dwell in Me. For I Am that place of safety for you at all times. As you abide in Me, you can ask whatever you desire and I will grant it, says the Lord. For the evil one cannot stop My blessings that I grant to you.

Trust that as you live and move and have your being in Me, you will not need anything, for I will supply not just all that you need, but I will give you the desires of your heart. I even go beyond that, says the Lord, with the sure promise that I will exceed what you ask, think or imagine by My power and My Spirit and My life that works in you. I will give you what you did not ask for. I will surprise you with what you did not even think. I will give you what you did not even know that you desired, for it is above what you could even dream, says the Lord. Above and beyond is what I love to lavish upon those who love Me. I love you always, says the Lord. I love you when you are struggling. I love you when you are discouraged. I love you when you feel most challenged. I even love you when you question My love and care for you. I love you unconditionally and unimpeachably at all times. My love is a constant reassurance that as you dwell in Me, no good thing will I withhold from you and I will NOT allow the enemy to encroach this place of safety in Me and rob you of the blessings that I bestow upon you. For My goodness and mercy for you is everlasting and unstoppable and I will bring you into your fullness in Me without delay, for My purposes will unfold, be performed and the enemy will not be able to abort even one of them as you dwell in Me, your resting place and place of safety and refuge at all times, says the Lord.

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