Your Shield

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God is your Shield

I Am your shield and your defense, says the LORD. I Am your righteousness. I Am your holiness. I Am your peace in the midst of the storm. Your life is in Me and your life is compete in Me, says the LORD. I Am the light that is in you. I Am your everything! I Am El Shaddai, the GOD that is more than enough, and I Am your sufficiency. I Am ordering your life by My light in you by My Spirit. My hope in you is more than enough for you, says the LORD.

I will open doors for you, says the LORD. I will open My arms of love to you. I will strengthen you. I will order My will to be done in you. MY WILL SHALL BE DONE IN YOU! My will shall be light in you. My will shall be hope in you! My will shall come forth in you. I will! I will order My will to be done in you, My will to be done in your life, in your heart, in your ministry. My light shall be in you. My light and My hope shall be in your life. I will brighten your life in Me by My Spirit in You, and I will order your steps in ME by My Spirit that will lead you, says the LORD.

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