I Am near to You

I Am near to you, says the LORD. You do not have to wonder where I Am, for I Am as close to you as your very breath. I will never hide My face from you, for you are My beloved child. You are always in My sight and My ears are open to your prayer. I search your heart and know the things that you cannot even utter. I know the hidden things about you and the things that are totally unknown to you. I care about the smallest details and know the way that you take, says the LORD.

I will do more for you than you can imagine as you entrust your care to Me, says the LORD. Do not try to do things on your own and exhaust yourself in finding your own solutions and taking care of the things you believe you can handle. Let Me have your total care. Find rest in Me. Let Me be your first resort rather than the last. For I Am with you always to give you GOOD success as you shift your care onto Me. You will not be disappointed in what I do and you will never falter in the path that I order for you. Take Me by My hand as I extend it to you and we will do what you thought was impossible together. I will help you, and you will know that you can depend upon Me at all times. I do not create problems for you so that I can solve them, but I will deliver you from them and bring you into the safety of My pavilion till the storms pass over, says the LORD.

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