I Am your beginning and your end, says the Lord.  I created you.  I formed you in the womb of your mother, and wrote your destiny in My book.  I decreed over you and prepared every step that you would take.  I already furnished My table for you in My presence to supply you for every good work that I created you to fulfill. It is not what I will do for you, but what I have already done.  It is not what I will give you, but what already awaits you in My presence, says the Lord.

For before you took your first breath, I provided everything for you, says the Lord.  You have everything that you need in My presence at My table.  Ask and believe and receive, for it is already appropriated for you, and you will not be refused or denied. I AM Your Destiny.  I Am your purpose.  I Am your life and I Am your fullness.  You Will be fully complete in Me as I open My good treasures into you and and satisfy you for every purpose that I have created for you under the sun, says the Lord.

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