You will be blessed to be a blessing, says the LORD.  My light and My life is in you, and it is abundant.  It becomes you, for your life is hid in Me, absorbed by Me, so that I AM seen and I Am heard and I Am on display.  I have given you My Spirit that it may flow out of you and into the environs to make a difference.  My light in you will extinguish the darkness, invade the enemy camp and destroy his weapons and defeat his diabolical purposes, says the LORD.

I have called you to be as I Am, and loose those who are bound and set them free, says the LORD.   Open the prison doors of those held in captivity and do as I do. For it is by MY SPIRIT in you that will empower you to be a mighty warrior of valor, so that you too will destroy the works of the devil,  conquer the land, and raise up My banner, as you possess new territories for My kingdom, says the LORD.


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