Greater Works are Coming

Do not listen to the enemy when he screeches in your ear that the days of miracles are past. His lies cannot nullify My truth that endures forever. The days of miracles, signs, and wonders are at hand. What I have done in the past, I will do again, and again. When did you cease to believe? For I have not changed. My Word has not changed. My Work has not changed, and the greater works are coming for those who believe, says the LORD.

Shift from mediocracy, to fervent, unfeigned, determined, expectant faith in Me. For the fearful and unbelieving will never partake in the greater things that await. Let your faith arise in your heart, and refuse to listen to the naysayers. They never expect anything good out of you, and they will never believe that I have set you aside for My purpose and glory. Arise and stand to your feet! Refuse to quit! For as you exercise greater faith, My greater light will shine upon you, My glory will be revealed, and you will see the greater works that you have been longing for, says the LORD.

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