I will establish you in My kingdom, by My power and for My glory, say the Lord. Your roots will go deeper, as I have planted you, and you will not be uprooted. I will empower you by My Spirit, and there will not be any breach of promise. What I tell you will happen, for I never go back on My Word or look for a reason not to fulfill it. I delight to honor My Word and perform it. For I love to see the look on the enemy’s face, when I foil his plans, destroy his diabolical works, and put him where he needs to be, under My feet, says the LORD!

Put on My armor, put on my boots, and start treading on the enemy. For you are not subject to his wiles, but above it. Be bold and strong, and walk in the authority that I have given you. For you have the sword of My Spirit. You have My Name, and you will overcome with My blood that was shed for you. You will be able to rejoice, as in the day of a great harvest, that you overcame evil with good, and were able to possess your possessions in your promised land of blessing, says the LORD.

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