I Will Enrich You

My desire is for your benefit and blessing and I will enrich you with MYSELF as I clothe you in ME, says the LORD. For you will not lack any good thing! I will exceed your expectations and give you more than you could ever dream of. I will do the astounding, the amazing, the awe inspiring FOR YOU, says the LORD. I will fill you with My SPIRIT of life and vitality. I will download wisdom and understanding in you that will confound even the wisest among you and give you grace and glory. I AM a GOD of excellence and excessiveness. I Am El Shaddai, your God that is more than enough for you. I will pour out blessings upon blessings upon blessings upon you and you will not have room enough to contain them, says the LORD.

Just as I abundantly supplied the manna for My people in the wilderness, and there was more than they could gather, more than they could use, more than they needed, I can do the same for you, says the LORD. Your impossibilities do not cripple me. Your circumstances do not dictate to Me. I will take care of you with abundance rather than sufficiency as you entrust Me with your life even where everything seems dry and lifeless. I will pour out My Spirit of life upon you and bring you out of poverty into your personal land of promise where you will enjoy the fullness of those things that I have prepared for those who love Me and trust in Me, says the LORD.

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