Abundant Joy and Peace!

I Am your healer, says the LORD.  You are not too difficult for Me. Do not look at the problems, but look up to Me.  For I created you, and I can surely take care of you.  I formed you in the womb of your mother.  What makes you think that healing is impossible with ME?  Consider this!   I know all about you.  I see every cell of your body.  I know every function.  I can do something about you.  It is MY will for you to be healed and whole, for I paid in full for everything that you need and desire, says the LORD.

Not only can I heal your body, but I will heal your mind and your wounded heart.  I will restore your soul, as you put your trust in Me, says the LORD.  I will repair the damages that the enemy has caused.  You will not be victimized by him.  I will defend you and fight for you, for you belong to Me.  I will rescue you from the enemy and heal your wounds as I pour in the oil of My Holy SPIRIT within you.  You will be refreshed in My presence and I will give you abundant joy and peace as you receive all that I have freely given you, says the LORD.

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16 Responses to Abundant Joy and Peace!

  1. Amen HALLELUJAH thank u Jesus glory be to u O Lord

  2. Praise you Lord Jesus. Thank you for my physical and emotional healing

  3. Nothing like peace amen

  4. This message has uplifted me and encouraged me. Thank you, Lord, for your healing power.

  5. Michelle Ruthenberg Shane Ruthenberg

  6. So needful LORD My Hope.

  7. I receive it, I am in awe

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