Be Brave and Bold!

Be strong in Me, says the Lord.  Be as brave and bold as a lion.  For the enemy is not the winner. You are.  Do not let him intimidate you.  He cannot carry out his threats and assignments against you, for I Am with you to empower you and give you superior weapons that will out power his.  Do not be afraid.  For He cannot resist My Spirit and My Word in you, and your faith in Me will shied you from the blast of the enemy.  He will run in terror of you, rather than you running in fear of Him.  Arise and prepare for the fray, for the outcome is already called.  You are the winner, and He is the loser, for I will always cause you to triumph in Me, says the Lord.

It is not even a close match.  He is defeated.  You are undefeated.  I have made you more than a conqueror in Me, says the Lord.  Arm yourself in Me, and put Me on. I have already defeated him long ago, and he is just a sore loser.  Stand up straight and tall and know that I Am with you to give you good success, and cause you to be victorious every time.  Every battle is Mine, says the LORD, and there is never a time when you will be defeated in Me, says the LORD.


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