Beginning and Your End

I Am your beginning and your end, says the Lord. For I knew you and planned for you before your conception. I know all about you when you were in the womb of your mother. Before you could speak, I decreed over your life. I announced your birth before My holy angels and shared with them your purpose. I wrote in My book the things that I pronounced concerning your destiny in Me. You will surely be complete in Me, for I have begun the good work in you, and I will finish it to the perfection of MY glory. For I never start something that I do do not finish, and I never change My plans or purpose. They remain as I have declared, and nothing will cause My decrees over you to be aborted or undone, says the LORD.

Your purpose is sealed in Me by My Spirit, says the LORD. There is no plan B, and no mistakes. For what I do, I do well, and I will perfect what concerns you. I will lead you and guide you into your full destiny purpose as I have commanded, and you will not be a misfit in My kingdom. You are precisely what I have created for the purpose that will unfold and as I finish what I begin, you too will complete the good work that I have assigned you to do before the foundations of the world, says the LORD.

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