Called You for Purpose

I did not put you on the bench to observe and be a cheer leader but have called you for purpose and will empower you and activate you to new heights of My glory by My grace, says the LORD. Look to the new of the new and shake off the old. For as a snake sheds the old skin, it becomes an empty, lifeless, dry shell, so your past will not fit your new and you will not miss the form and formula. Instead, you will enjoy the colorful new that I have prepared for you, says the LORD.

Don’t mourn over what you believe are missed opportunities, says the Lord. I open and shut doors at My own discretion. My purposes will unfold, produce are vitally important for My kingdom. Did you think that I can miss the mark? NEVER! I never give false messages and entice you by giving you empty promises and failed visions. That is NOT ME! I always do exactly what I say. Why would I tell you something and then not fulfill it? That cannot be done, says the LORD. For I call, choose, equip, furnish, perfect and complete My will and purposes and plans to the jot and tittle of what I have spoken, and it will be done exactly as I have decreed. It will be in MY TIME! Trust that what was not done was NOT My plan and the purposes that I have authorized and ordained for your life are yet ahead, good and will be complete. You will be active and vibrant and productive in MY PURPOSE that is unfolding for you, says the LORD.

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