Choose to Believe in Me

Choose to believe in Me and My infallible goodness and mercy for you, says the LORD. For your faith pleases ME. Reject fear and doubt and unbelief that the enemy is endeavoring to distract you with. He is a liar, a thief and a robber and he wants to steal your joy. He wants to take away your peace and he desires to remove your attention away from the truth of My abiding love for you, says the LORD. Resist the fear and shut your ears to his taunting and mocking and condemning roar. For you will defeat him, as you remain steadfast in your faith in Me, says the LORD.

Stop longing for the good old days and start planning for the best that is yet to come, says the LORD. For you need not focus on what was. Your history is not your destiny, and it is not the key to your next open door. I have better things for you than what was, and My promises will be realized if you will hold onto your trust in Me, says the LORD. Leave the cemetery of the past that is dead and buried, and let the light of this new day that I have created for you bring you a fresh, new perspective. The new is better than the old and your destiny lies ahead of you, not behind. Are you ready? Forward! March! Says the LORD.

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