Conceived by Faith

That which you have conceived by faith in Me by My Spirit in you will come to full-term, says the LORD. You will not have a miscarriage. You will not be disappointed. You will bring forth that which you have carried to a live birth. You will not have a still-born, for your labor will not be in vain. You will bring forth that which you have conceived, on time and you will fully embrace it and the fullness of it, says the LORD. You will laugh as Sarah did at the birthing of that which you deemed as impossible, forgotten hope, past due and now ridiculous. I will bring life to your abandoned hopes, and make your dreams come true that you have long given up on. I will revive, says the LORD, and you will laugh.

For nothing is impossible with Me. Nothing is hopeless. Nothing is beyond My ability, and nothing can limit Me, says the LORD. Though others may mock and ridicule you for your expectations in Me, let them laugh. Let them scorn you. They cannot stop Me from doing the miraculous. They cannot keep you from bringing to birth that which I have declared over you from the beginning, says the LORD. You will bring forth that which you have conceived and carried and you will become a spectacle of My power, My love, My presence, My Word and My unlimited grace. You will rejoice in that which you have not only conceived and carried, but you will bring it to full birth, and embrace what you have long hoped for, says the LORD.

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