Do Not Underestimate Me

Do not underestimate Me and what I Am doing in your life, says the Lord. For everything that I have created is very significant, and has purpose. I do not create things to be wasted and unproductive. I have formed you and placed you and empowered you by My Spirit in you to do the Work that I have called you to do. Do not underestimate what I have given you or call yourself useless, says the LORD.

For you are fearfully and wonderfully made, says the LORD. My own hands have formed you, and the breath of My Spirit is in you. My light is in you and I have made you to be light, even as I AM. Your value is in Me, who purposed for you. You are not an “oops.” You are precious in My sight. I Am in the midst of you and will perfect what concerns you. I will complete you and furnish you for every good work that I have called you to do that is not small, but great, says the Lord.

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