Enter into My Rest

Enter into My rest that remains for you, says the LORD. It is always there for you in My presence, regardless of your environs. It remains, unchanged even in changing times and circumstances. I Am your stability when everything is shaking around you, everything us unstable, everything is changing. I do not change, and My rest that I have for you is never invaded with turmoil. You are safe and secure in the shelter of My arms. You have tranquility and peace as you enter into My rest, as you place your total trust in Me at all times, says the LORD.

Come and enjoy a quiet time with Me, says the LORD. Shut off all the external racket and enjoy sweet fellowship with Me. Just sit in My presence and experience My gentle arms embracing you. I know every situation that you face, and I have it covered. I will take care of you and quiet you as you unburden yourself in My presence. I will settle you and you can enjoy the great calm that I have for you. Let My peace fill your mind and heart. For all is well as I refresh you,. reassure you and renew your strength and quiet your fears as you rest in Me, says the LORD.

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