Everlasting Father

I Am your everlasting Father that will never abandon you, says the LORD. I will not give you pain or bring you into harm’s way. Do not let the enemy convince you that I have forgotten you. Do not listen to his accusations and do not entertain his suggestions. I Am faithful, and My eyes are fixed on you always. I care for your soul. I have never authorized affliction for you and will never give you anything that is not good. I will never leave you to fend for yourself. Though the enemy wants to shift the blame onto Me, you need not pay attention to him. For he never tells the truth and wants you to believe that I Am punishing you, ignoring you, and bypassing you. That will never happen, says the LORD.

You are My precious child. I value you as a pearl of great price. I have formed you for My purpose and I have good plans for you, says the LORD. Keep your thoughts directed toward Me and shun the depressing racket of the enemy who wants your faith to be shipwrecked. Do not dwell on the negative things he is screaming in your ear as he endeavors to torment you with fear, but draw nigh onto Me. I have purchased with My own shed blood and broken body on the cross. I have placed My Spirit in you and given you life that is eternal. Your life is in Me, and your faith in Me will not go unrewarded, but will produce what you have believed and trusted Me for, says the LORD.

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