Every Promise

Every promise that I have given to you is true, says the LORD.  I have not changed My mind or My purposes concerning you, and I will not go back on My Word.  What I said I would do is what I WILL DO, for I did not encourage you to discourage you. I did not promise you something to disappoint you.  I did not call you and choose you to have you sit on the bench and observe.  I placed you in My kingdom and have assigned you for a work that is valuable and productive.  I did not leave you hopeless and ashamed, empty and barren, but have equipped you for every purpose that I have designed for you to fulfill, says the Lord.

Silence your negative thoughts and forsake the discouraging voices of those who do not share your vision, says the LORD.  For I Am the One Who has given you sight and I Am the ONE who orders your steps. They are always good, and they always ascend into new heights in Me.  Follow the things that I have spoken to you, and be encouraged to move forward.  For I did not put barriers or blockades in your way, and I did not postpone your destiny in Me.  You are not forsaken, and your destiny is not aborted.  Trust in My promises and embrace them by faith and confidence in Me.  For My Words concerning you are unfailing, as I will faithfully fulfill everything that I have purposed in you, says the LORD.

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