Exchange Your Will for Mine

Exchange your will for Mine, says the LORD. For what you want is so inferior to what I have planned for you. Your way is insufficient and My higher thoughts and plans and ways are right for you. You will never want to forfeit My plans for you, for My vision is greater than yours. My desires for you exceed that of your own. Abandon the lesser for the greater, says the LORD, for I have the best for you and the best is yet to come. Let go of the smallness and narrowness and relinquish control of everything you desire and let Me accomplish all that I have for you. For what you can do is nothing compared to what I WILL DO if you let go of the controls and give me the reins of your life, says the LORD.

For the vision that I have for you will build you up and give you GOOD success. For MY WORD is always good. It is growth producing. It is edifying and strengthening. Make that exchange now, and receive MY WORD and give over the words of others that they cannot fulfill. Give up on yours, too and let Me do the dictation. You can write the vision. You can receive the good Word from Me that will become the good work that I do for you, with you, and through you, says the Lord.

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