Forget the Past

Forget the past, says the LORD. It is forgiven. It is forgotten by Me. I have no record of your sins that you have already confessed to Me. They are blotted out of My book and My blood that was shed for you has cleansed YOU from all unrighteousness. Don’t look at the sins of the past and let them hold you hostage. For I have released you from their bondage and set you free. I have removed them far from you. Walk free and in the liberty that I have given you. The prison doors are open, says the LORD.

MOVE out of the darkness; for I have given you LIGHT and LIFE, says the LORD. Walk in this light, out of darkness and defeat and condemnation that comes from your enemy who desires to entrap you into a past that is NOT your destiny and NOT you. I have made you clean and holy. Do not come into agreement with the evil one who desires you to be entrapped in the former things. Agree with Me! What I have cleansed is clean. Do not call yourself an unclean thing, but know that I have given you MY RIGHTEOUSNESS and holiness because you have trusted in ME to be your Redeemer, Savior and LORD. It is a complete Work, a finished Work on the cross for you that has given you LIFE in Me. Your past is dead, defeated and destroyed by My blood covenant with you, and you are a new creation in ME, with a new and living hope, new life that is everlasting and a new walk in ME in My light, says the Lord.

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