Get up and Get Moving

I have not called you to be a cheer leader as you watch others engage in My kingdom and do My work, says the LORD. Get up and get moving in the direction that I have already called you to do. For you are valuable to Me, and I have assigned you to duty. I have fully equipped you and made you ready. I have furnished you for the things that you are to do. You have not been overlooked. and I have not sent you to the showers, either. There is much for work for you to do, and I have need of you, says the LORD.

You need not sit where you are until you die, for you still have purpose. You still have assignments. You still have things that I desire you to partner with Me to do, says the LORD. Fear is not an option, and failure is not written in My book next to your name. I have granted you favor and blessings upon blessings and have given you everything that you need to fulfill each assignment that I have authorized and commissioned you to do. You have been given the authority to do the work and with ME you will do all things well, says the LORD.

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