Go Deeper!

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    My deep is calling for your deep, says the LORD.  GO DEEPER in the realm of MY Spirit.  It is time to relinquish the mundane and boring and worldly advice of others and enter into the supernatural.  For the natural things are governed by My supernatural voice.  For what I say will be done.  My voice of many waters is reaching all of My creation, and it cannot be silenced, says the LORD.

     Quiet yourself in My presence and listen to MY VOICE.  For I Am speaking, says the LORD.  GO DEEPER to receive the depth of My thoughts and plans and ways for you.  For you will not go higher until you have gone deeper in Me. You will be rooted and grounded in Me so that you will not topple over as you expand and grow.  For your roots need to go deeply into Me.   I have planted you in My kingdom as a tree of righteousness that will not be uprooted.  Press into My presence and be quiet and still. For what I will speak is not surface knowledge, or earthly wisdom, but the wisdom that will further you in My kingdom and bring you into an expected end, says the LORD.

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16 Responses to Go Deeper!

  1. Yes Lord, I believe and hear you and obey you !

  2. Deep calleth the Deep received IJN!

  3. As soon as I get finish moving Lord. I want to be on fire for you Lord Jesus AMEN


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