Guard Your Affections

Guard your affections and place them on Me, says the LORD. For it is not the things of the flesh that will satisfy you. I will. I will completely satisfy the longing of your heart. I will give you what you did not even ask Me for, if you will place your trust in Me. Do not crave the things that will only give you fleeting pleasure. In My presence is pleasure forevermore. There are no hooks in the gifts that I give you. You will not become ensnared or entrapped. For I will not bait you as the enemy will. I will not set a trap before you and put you in bondage. I have come to release you from captivity and liberate you from every snare of the enemy says the LORD.

I have good things in store for you always, and I keep My Word! I will be your keeper that more than sustains you, says the LORD. I will give you great joy, and My blessings never have attached sorrow to them. I never give you something and then later extract it from you. I never tease you. My promises are MY promises kept! For even as I watch over My WORD to perform it, I watch over all My promises that I have made to you. I will perform My Word and give you the desires of your heart, as you make Me your highest heart’s desire. You will never be unfulfilled, never be unfinished and never be unfurnished. I will complete you and perfect what concerns you, and be all that you desire, as you place your affections on Me, says the LORD.

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