Hear My Voice!

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Hear ME now, says the LORD.  For I Am speaking.  You have heard the voice of others. You have listened to their opinions. You have heard the screeching sound of circumstances that are endeavoring to dictate. You have heard the roar of the enemy as he seeks to devour and destroy.  You have even heard your own thoughts that are rising to the surface and you have spoken them out of your own mouth.  Hear MY VOICE NOW and listen carefully to what I Am saying. For as you squelch out all the illegitimate sounds and become quiet in My presence, you will hear Me, and KNOW My still small voice within that will counsel you and direct you, says the LORD.

     I do not have to shout to silence your fears, says the LORD.  I do not compete with the external sounds that make a lot of noise.  For quietness and confidence will be the stability of your times, as you trust in MY VOICE that will lead you into all truth.  My truth will set you free.  Trust that I Am speaking.  Know that I Am leading.  For as you do, you will not only gain the direction that you long for, but you will have the answers of peace. It will still the roar of the enemy and bypass the racket that is external, and bring tranquility to the chaos around you.  Hear My voice. Hear Me NOW, for I Am speaking to You, and you will KNOW My will, and you will have the answers that you have been seeking for, says the LORD.


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18 Responses to Hear My Voice!

  1. This is such h a Rhema Word, I’m in awe. Thank You Lord Jesus!

  2. Amen. Speak Lord! I’m listening

  3. Bless you June. Thank you for just faithfully providing the WORD of the LORD…

  4. Hallelujah! Thank You Father! Amen!

  5. Amen thank this is my word thank u LORD Jesus glory be to u O LORD

  6. This is such a powerful prophesy. Confirmed. Beautiful


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