I Am in Control!

Nothing takes Me by surprise, says the LORD.  I Am aware of every plot of the enemy against you. I know every one of his diabolical decrees against you and know every assignment that he has, to distract and disturb you.  He cannot destroy My workmanship, and you are the work of My hands.  He cannot set you back, as I order every step that you take.  He cannot destroy MY Works, but I will destroy his.  He cannot nullify My Word nor My Work nor My will, for I Am the Sovereign.  I Am in control.  My purposes and plans will not be altered, and he cannot destroy you or your destiny in Me, says the LORD.

My Words were finished before your conception, says the LORD.  I planned for your life and destiny while you were yet in the womb of your mother.  My thoughts and ways that are higher than yours are the authority. For what I think, I speak, and what I speak, I perform.  I create with My Word, and it shall be done.  Do not fear the enemy, but let My fear be in you.  Reverence Me as the absolute authority in your life and Know that I Am your GOD, in the midst of you, to fulfill you and cause you to safely reach your destiny in Me, as you have made Me your trust and obeyed My still, small voice within you that is leading you and guiding you and propelling you into your kingdom purpose in Me, says the LORD.


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