I Am More than Enough

I Am more than enough for you, says the LORD. I Am all that you need. I Am all that you could ever want. I Am unlimited and what I have for you is always good. I have made you for a special purpose and you are unique and valued by Me. Trust that when I created you, I made you good. You were not an “oops”, and I make no mistakes. I have created you for My special purposes and given you gifts and abilities that are precisely fitting for what I have called you to do. You will never be given assignments that I have not fully provisioned and empowered you to do, and I will be with you to help you to succeed, says the LORD.

I will finish and perfect that which concerns you and bring you into the fullness that I have ascribed for you life, on time and you will be My handiwork that pleases Me, says the LORD. Trust in the process, for you are making progress. What is good is GOOD, and I only have GOOD things for you. I will not give you pain or problems or sickness or defeat. I will give you life and light. I will give you peace and joy for the journey. I Am not a task master that burdens you and taxes you and overwhelms you. I have not burdened you, but have freed you to serve me with gladness. My light burden and easy yoke is what I have for you as you link up with Me, says the LORD.

You will increase and not decrease, says the LORD. You will be elevated higher in My presence and not be brought lower. For I am ordering your steps and they are not just ahead of you, but they are all taking you higher and you will ascend with each one you take. I have only good things in store for you. Trust ME. TRUST the pace. TRUST the outcome, for your future is in My hands that created you and I will use you for My glory as you submit to Me and let Me do the leading as you follow Me. You will be furnished onto every good work that I have called you to do, your life will be productive for My kingdom, and you will be fulfilled, says the LORD.

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