I Am Moving in You

I Am moving in you, around you and will move through you, says the LORD. Agitation is not aggravation. My Spirit in you is MOVING, it is stirring within you and taking away the stagnation. Let it come up out of you as a well-spring. For I desire the springs of LIVING WATER to bubble up and burst out of you and pour over you. I desire the river of My Spirit to arise and the waters to go higher and deeper, says the LORD. You feel the stirring. You feel the movement within. Let it arise out of you until there is a river of My glory to swim in, says the LORD.

For My life is in you. My glory is in you. My SPIRIT is in you and it cannot be contained, says the LORD. Take off the cap and let the Waters of My SPIRIT flow out of you freely, for they are life giving to you and those around you. I will make you a lively vessel of honor that will be fat and full and overflowing with My blessings that cannot be purchased with any silver or gold. For what I have for you is abundance of My Holy Spirit, My power, My peace, and My joy that is full. You will be a conduit of My HOLY SPIRIT and I will pour out of you as you become a vessel of Honor in MY HANDS that formed you for MY purpose and glory, and you release that which is within and let it rise up, spring forth, flow and become a river at flood stage all around you that cannot be passed over, says the LORD.

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