I Am Not Exhausted

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I Am not exhausted, says the LORD. I never tire. I Am never weary and I never need to rest. I do not shut My eyes, blink or ever sleep. You can know that I Am your rear guard, your watchman, your shield and your defense at all times. You can be assured that I have your back. I go before you and prepare the way, for the sneaky plans and plots of the enemy can never fool Me. I see his works. I know his diabolical desires. I know what he is doing in secret and how he lurks around in the darkness to defeat and destroy. But you need not fear him. Let Me be your total fear, for who is this proud one that can defeat Me? What plot can ruin My plans for you? What device can spoil My camp? What weapon can pierce Me through? For as I shield you and defend you and cover you and under gird you and surround you, you will be in the safety and security of My unfailing hands that protect you always, says the LORD.

The pride of the enemy will utterly fail. For I will pierce through Leviathan with the sword of My Spirit, and his proud looks will end. I will penetrate the darkness with My light that cannot be put out. I will expose the darkness, destroy the works of the enemy and spoil his camp. I will defeat the defeat, destroy destruction, spoil the spoiler and release the captives that he has held in bondage. I will see to it that his supplies are exhausted, and his weapons destroyed. You will see and you will know that I never sleep, so that all those who put their trust in me can! I will sing over you a new song, and rock you to sleep in My arms as you snuggle close to My heart and feel My heartbeat. You will feel My breath of life on you and be cradled in My everlasting, loving and secure arms, says the LORD. All is well, for I have you, hold you, protect you, keep you, and I never tire of you. I never fail to take care of you, and you are My beloved child, says the LORD.

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40 Responses to I Am Not Exhausted

  1. Amen, Praise the Lord.

  2. Glory hallelujah Lord

  3. Praise the lord. Amen.

  4. Amen papa …. Thankyou 🕊💜

  5. Thank you Jesus! Thank you for the comforter,the dear Holy Spirit ! Amen!


  7. God spoke similar things to me today.

  8. Hallelujah! Father I praise Your Holy Name! Amen!

  9. Amen! Thank you Abbah father.

  10. Amen hallelujah, glory to our king. Thank you

  11. Thank you Jesus. All the praise belong to you

  12. Praise the lord amen 🙏🏽

  13. In need of abundant prayers.

  14. This is so assume Praise the Kings of Kings and the Lord,of Lords

  15. YES LORD AMEN, Thank You

  16. Amen, in Jesus mighty and victorious name.

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