I Am on Your Side

I Am on your side, and I Am your sufficiency, says the LORD. I Am more than enough for you. I have no deficits. I only have assets. I have no flaws; only perfection. My perfect love for you will cast out all of your fears as you trust in Me at all times. I am never inept, and neither are you. Rise up to any occasion as you suit up in Me! For nothing that comes against you will prosper. You have My infallible Word: My sword in your mouth. Use it. Hold your hand firmly onto the shield of faith in Me and know that I will not allow you to be defeated or run over by the enemy. With Me you can overcome, and with Me you can stand. With Me you can withstand the enemy attacks, though they are troubling on every side. My angels have swinging swords that will fight for you, says the LORD.

I have commanded My holy angels to war with you, and they will surround you with a wall of fire. They will not be moved. Neither will you! For defense is not My weapon. My Shield is not My weapon. My Word is a weapon that cannot be out powered. My blood shed for you cannot be overpowered. You will overcome. You will conquer. You will stand up and fight against the giants in the land and you will not be crushed. One hundred giants that are bigger than Goliath cannot destroy you. For I Am a Mighty Man of war, and I will stand alongside to help you to defeat the enemy, destroy his diabolical works and enjoy the spoil that you will have as your reward for your faith and faithfulness, says the LORD.

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